Responsibility for Maintaining Current Email Address in CM/ECF (posted 01/13/12)

The Clerk’s Office receives approximately 1000 bounced back emails from the CM/ECF System on a daily basis indicating that Notices of Electronic Filing (NEFs) have not been delivered.   They occur when documents are filed by the Clerk’s Office, chambers staff or counsel. These bounced back emails are a result of 1)  counsel’s failure to update their email addresses, 2)  the receiving computer’s systems settings rejecting the NEFs as spam, or 3)  failure to maintain sufficient capacity to receive the NEFs being transmitted.   

As directed by this Court’s CM/ECF Administrative Procedures, counsel is responsible for maintaining current contact information – including a current email address – whenever such a change occurs.   Counsel is also responsible for maintaining an electronic mailbox with appropriate settings and of sufficient capacity to receive all documents transmitted electronically to counsel.

In addition, pursuant to Administrative Order 2005-38 and Local Rule 11.1(g), all Orders and Notices disseminated by the Court will be deemed to be appropriately served if directed to counsel consistent with the information on record.  

Due to the volume of bounce backs, the Clerk’s Office is unable to take action to correct e-mail addresses or to contact counsel to take corrective action.  Therefore it is imperative that you regularly check the CM/ECF docket sheet for your cases and/or insure that your e-mail system is correct and functioning properly.

If you know of attorneys who have left their firm and likely have new email addresses, please remind them of this policy.