Criminal Event List

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Revised: November 13, 2017

Plea-Related DocumentsPlea Agreement/Factual Proffer Statement
MotionsAlter Judgment
MotionsAppeal In Forma Pauperis
MotionsAppear (Note: NOT for Motions to appear PHV)
MotionsAppear Pro Hac Vice
MotionsAppoint Counsel
MotionsAppoint Expert
MotionsAttorney Fees
MotionsBill of Costs
MotionsBill of Particulars
MotionsBrady Materials
MotionsBring Electronic Equipment
MotionsCertificate of Appealability
MotionsChange Venue
MotionsConsolidate Cases
MotionsContinue Change of Plea and/or Sentencing Hearing
MotionsContinue Trial
MotionsDeclaration of Mistrial
MotionsDeferral of Prosecution
MotionsDirected Verdict
MotionsDisbursement of Bond
MotionsDisbursement of Funds
MotionsDismiss/Lack of Jurisdiction
MotionsDismiss/Speedy Trial
MotionsDisqualify Counsel
MotionsDisqualify Judge
MotionsDisqualify Juror
MotionsDownward Departure
MotionsEarly Termination of Probation
MotionsEarly Termination of Supervised Release
MotionsExtension of Time
MotionsExtension of Time re Transcript
MotionsExtension of Time to File Response/Reply
MotionsExtension of Time to Indict
MotionsFile Amicus Brief
MotionsFile Excess Pages
MotionsForfeiture of Property
MotionsHandwriting Exemplars
MotionsIn Limine
MotionsIssuance of Warrant in rem
MotionsJudicial Recommendation Against Deportation
MotionsLeave to Appeal
MotionsLeave to File Document
MotionsMedical Exam
MotionsMedical Treatment
MotionsMiscellaneous Relief
MotionsModify Conditions of Release
MotionsNew Trial
MotionsOrder of Competency to Stand Trial
MotionsPermit Filing of Paper Pleadings
MotionsPreserve Evidence
MotionsProceed In Forma Pauperis
MotionsProtective Order
MotionsPsychiatric Exam
MotionsPsychiatric Treatment
MotionsQuash Indictment/Information
MotionsRedact Transcript
MotionsReduce Sentence - (2014) USSC Amendment 782 - 18:3582
MotionsReduce Sentence - Non-Drug - 18:3582
MotionsReduce Sentence - re (2007) Crack Cocaine Offense - 18:3582
MotionsReduce Sentence Pursuant to Rule 35/60/Other Miscellaneous
MotionsRelease Bond Obligation
MotionsRelease from Custody
MotionsRelease of Funds
MotionsRemand to State Court
MotionsReturn of Property/PostTrial
MotionsReturn of Property/PreTrial
MotionsReturn of Surety
MotionsSeparate Trial on Counts
MotionsService by Publication
MotionsSet Aside Forfeiture
MotionsSet Aside Judgment
MotionsSet Aside Sentence
MotionsSet Aside Verdict
MotionsSever Defendant
MotionsShow Cause
MotionsShow Cause re Revocation of Probation
MotionsShow Cause re Revocation of Supervised Release
MotionsSpeedy Trial
MotionsSubstitution of Counsel
MotionsTake Deposition
MotionsTax Costs
MotionsTermination of Appointment of FPD
MotionsVictim Rights
MotionsVolunteer Attorney Program
MotionsWarrant for Arrest of Property
MotionsWithdraw Document
MotionsWithdraw Plea of Guilty
MotionsWithdraw as Attorney
MotionsWrit (of Garnishment/Execution/Other)
MotionsWrit of Habeas Corpus ad Prosequendum
MotionsWrit of Habeas Corpus ad Testificandum
Responses and RepliesAffidavit in Opposition to Motion
Responses and RepliesAffidavit in Support of Motion
Responses and RepliesMemorandum in Opposition to Motion
Responses and RepliesMemorandum in Support of Motion
Responses and RepliesReply to Response to Motion
Responses and RepliesResponse in Opposition to Motion
Responses and RepliesResponse in Support of Motion
Responses and RepliesResponse to Motion
Emergency Motion/Certification of Emergency Emergency Motion/Certification of Emergency
Discovery DocumentsDemand for Disclosure of Expert Witness Summaries
Discovery DocumentsInitial Disclosure(s)
Discovery DocumentsNotice of Alibi
Discovery DocumentsNotice of Alibi Witness
Discovery DocumentsNotice of Error or Defect
Discovery DocumentsNotice of Insanity Defense
Discovery DocumentsNotice of Intent to Use Evidence
Discovery DocumentsNotice of Public Authority Opposition Witness
Discovery DocumentsResponse to Standing Discovery Order
WaiversWaiver (Miscellaneous)
WaiversWaiver of Counsel
WaiversWaiver of Indictment
WaiversWaiver of Interstate Agreement on Detainers
WaiversWaiver of Minimum Time to Trial
WaiversWaiver of Preliminary Hearing
WaiversWaiver of Presence at Arraignment
WaiversWaiver of Presentence Investigation Report
WaiversWaiver of Probable Cause
WaiversWaiver of Rule 5(c)(3)/Rule 40 Hearing
WaiversWaiver of Speedy Trial
WaiversWaiver of Trial by Jury
Service of ProcessAcknowledgment of Receipt
Service of ProcessAcknowledgment of Service
Service of ProcessApplication for Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Prosequendum
Service of ProcessApplication for Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Testificandum
Service of ProcessCertificate of Service
Service of ProcessNotice of Action/Publication
Service of ProcessReturn of Service Executed
Service of ProcessReturn of Service Unexecuted
Service of ProcessService (Proof) by Publication
NoticesCertificate of Compliance Re Admitted Evidence
NoticesCriminal Action Certification
NoticesInvocation of Right to Silence and Counsel
NoticesNolle Prosequi
NoticesNotice (Other)
NoticesNotice for PHV Attorney to Receive Electronic Notification
NoticesNotice of Action/Publication
NoticesNotice of Assignment of Assistant Federal Public Defender
NoticesNotice of Attorney Appearance - Defendant
NoticesNotice of Attorney Appearance - USA
NoticesNotice of Change of Address
NoticesNotice of Compliance
NoticesNotice of Endorsement
NoticesNotice of Intent to Seek Death Penalty
NoticesNotice of Lis Pendens
NoticesNotice of Reassignment of AUSA
NoticesNotice of Reassignment of FPD
NoticesNotice of Striking
NoticesNotice of Supplemental Authority
NoticesNotice of Temporary Attorney Appearance - Defendant
NoticesNotice of Unavailability
NoticesNotice of Withdrawal of Motion
NoticesNotice/Information to Establish Prior Conviction
NoticesNotification of 90 days expiring
Trial DocumentsExhibit List
Trial DocumentsExhibit and Witness List
Trial DocumentsExhibits
Trial DocumentsProposed Jury Instructions
Trial DocumentsProposed Voir Dire Questions
Trial DocumentsRequest for Special Findings of Fact
Trial DocumentsStipulation to Jury
Trial DocumentsTrial Brief
Trial DocumentsWitness List
USCA Appeal DocumentsDesignation of Record on Appeal
USCA Appeal DocumentsNotice of Appeal - Conditions of Release
USCA Appeal DocumentsNotice of Appeal - Final Judgment
USCA Appeal DocumentsNotice of Appeal - Interlocutory
USCA Appeal DocumentsNotice of Appeal - Other Order
USCA Appeal DocumentsTranscript Information Form - Attorney
Other AppealsAppeal to DJ from a J&C by a MJ in a Misdemeanor Case
Other AppealsAppeal/Objection of Magistrate Judge Order to District Court
Other DocumentsAffidavit
Other DocumentsAffidavit - Rule 5(c)(3)/Rule 40
Other DocumentsAppendix
Other DocumentsBill of Particulars
Other DocumentsCertificate of Interested Party/Corporate Disclosure Statement
Other DocumentsCertification
Other DocumentsConsent to Trial Before US Magistrate Judge
Other DocumentsFinancial Affidavit - CJA 23
Other DocumentsNebbia Proffer
Other DocumentsObjection to Presentence Investigation Report
Other DocumentsObjection to Report and Recommendations
Other DocumentsPost Trial Memorandum
Other DocumentsPretrial Memorandum
Other DocumentsRedacted Document
Other DocumentsRedaction Index
Other DocumentsReport
Other DocumentsResponse to Objection to Presentence Investigation Report
Other DocumentsResponse to Objection to Report and Recommendations
Other DocumentsResponse to Order to Show Cause
Other DocumentsResponse/Reply/Answer (Other)
Other DocumentsSatisfaction of Judgment
Other DocumentsSentencing Memorandum
Other DocumentsSpeedy Trial Report
Other DocumentsStatement
Other DocumentsStatus Report
Other DocumentsStipulation
Other DocumentsSuggestion of Death
Other DocumentsSupplement
Other DocumentsTranscript Request - Redaction
Attorney Events~Util - Activate Terminated Attorney