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What type of training is available?

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Attorney Registration & Training

CM/ECF attorney training is offered either online or in a hands-on classroom setting. The CM/ECF Computer Based Training (CBT) module is available for attorneys who prefer to complete the CM/ECF training requirements online. To access the online training, go to, and select the “Training Registration” link. In order to properly view the modules, the pop-up blockers must be turned off. The locations and times for the hands-on sessions are also detailed on our website within the “Training-Registration” link. Select the “Hands-on Training” option and the system will guide you through the registration process. Attorneys who attend the live class will be eligible to receive three CLE course credits. At the end of the training session, the facilitator will guide you through the process for posting your credits. Training at law firms is offered, upon request, to firms with 20 or more participants. Attorneys and/or support staff may participate. Multiple firms may join to meet the minimum participant requirement. For additional training information contact the CM/ECF Training Specialist at (305) 523-5233.