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Why can’t I view a document online?

CM/ECF Category: 
Resolving Error Messages

There may be several reasons why a document cannot be viewed online. The first step when troubleshooting this problem is to ascertain if there is a blue hyperlink under the docket number.

  • If there is a hyperlink but the document cannot be viewed, it may be an indication that the case is sealed. Additionally, some plea agreements, for example, will not be available to the public and can only be viewed by those parties specifically associated to the case.
  • If there is no hyperlink under the docket number, it is possible that there is no document attached. It is possible that a full description has been created within the docket text. In addition, Endorsed Orders do not have documents attached. Judges may also do a “Text Only” or “Paperless” entry with no document attached.
  • Lastly, it is possible that your notices are formatted for text instead of HTML. To confirm the HTML format, first select the ‘Utilities’ feature from the blue menu bar. Then select the ‘Maintain User Information’ button and, lastly, the ‘Email Information’ button. Review the ‘Format Notices’ selection to ensure that it’s set for HTML.