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I made a mistake, such as filing in the wrong case or submitting the wrong document. What should I do?

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Once a document is submitted and becomes part of the case docket, the CM/ECF system will not permit the filing party to make changes to the document or docket entry filed in error since the transaction has been accepted. If an error is discovered by the Clerk’s Office during the quality control process, the Clerk’s Office will docket a ‘Notice of Instructions to Filer’ informing the filer of the error and how to proceed. The Clerk’s Office will not modify, strike or delete attorney entries unless directed by the Court. To fix your mistake, you must first file a ‘Notice of Striking.’ The Notice of Striking must be linked and refer to the “wrong” document. After you file the Notice of Striking, then immediately re-file the correct document. You can also contact the Help Desk at 1-888-318-2260 for further assistance.