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I am listed as the attorney of record but am not receiving the NEF’s. Why not?

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Resolving Error Messages

If you are not receiving the email notices, check the docket sheet and click the silver bullet next to the document number. The information displayed will indicate everyone that was sent an email. If it shows an email was sent, verify that your email address is correct. If it’s wrong, select the ‘Maintain User Account’ link from the ‘Utilities’ menu to enter the correction. If the email address is correct, please check your email account to ensure that the NEF is not in a Bulk mail folder. Also review Blocked Mail, Spam Mail and Quarantined Mail. To ensure that the NEF’s are received in your in-box, you need to list the Court’s email address as “safe.” All NEF’s are sent from If you are unsure of how to indicate the email as “safe,” you can contact your internal IT/Help Desk area. Keep in mind that another individual utilizing the same Internet Service Provider (ISP) as yourself may have already designated the Court’s email address as Spam. Therefore, please let the powers-that-be know that the Court’s email address will ALWAYS be “safe.”