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How do I start receiving email notices from CM/ECF?

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To receive notices by email instead of receiving them by US mail you must add an email to your ECF account.

To do this, log in to CM/ECF and click the 'Utilities' feature from the blue menu bar, then click the 'Maintain Your Account' link; click the 'Email information' button at the bottom of the page. Under 'Primary e-mail address' click the link labeled 'add new email address.' Enter your Primary email address in the appropriate field under the 'Configuration options' area. You can also send additional notices to other email addresses by selecting the 'add new e-mail address' link, under 'secondary e-mail address.' You can choose how to receive an individual notice for each filing or a daily summary report of all filings for that day. Both the individual and summary notice contain hyperlinks back to the documents. You can choose to receive the email notices in HTML or text format. After you have configured your email options on the screen, click on ‘Return to Person Information Screen’ button and click on ‘Submit’ and then ‘Submit’ again. You should receive a confirmation message on the screen that your email preferences were successfully updated.

Make sure you keep your email address current, so you don’t miss notices. For additional information, please refer to the FAQ “How do I get listed as counsel of record on a case so I can receive emails?”