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How do I obtain a Certificate of Good Standing Electronically?

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Log into your CM/ECF account and select 'Utilities.' Select 'Certificate of Good Standing Electronic PDF.' To pay for your certificate, you will be automatically redirected to where you will pay the $19.00 fee (via check or credit card). Once your payment is processed, your request cannot be canceled, and a refund will not be issued. Your certificate will be automatically generated and e-mailed within 2 business days to your primary e-mail address on file in CM/ECF.

Before submitting your request, please ensure that your primary email address is correct in PACER. If your primary email address is incorrect, you will not receive your certificate. It is your responsibility to maintain current contact information with the Clerk (see LR 11.1(g)). Click here to go to CM/ECF.

Note: If you need certificates for multiple attorneys, you need to log in to each attorneys CM/ECF account to order their certificate of good standing.