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How do I log into CM/ECF to view PSI reports and avoid unnecessary PACER fees?

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Accessing PSI Reports

Attention: Do not click on the link in the NEF, until AFTER you are logged into PACER/CM/ECF.

Since January 25, 2020, all attorney users sign in with their PACER account linked to their CM/ECF Southern District of Florida account.  Any attempt to view the PSI report before logging into PACER and CM/ECF may result in the loss of your "one free look." All restricted documents reside in CM/ECF.  Please note that all attorneys do NOT have access to view PSI reports in CM/ECF. PSI reports are restricted documents, only accessible to select attorneys as determined by Probation.
Only the Notice of Electric Filing (NEF) sent to attorney’s PRIMARY email address (not a secondary email address) will be able to access the PSI. The link in the NEF will NOT open if accessed from a secondary email address.
After clicking on the PSI’s document link number within the NEF, the system may ask for your PACER log-in and password if you did not previously sign-in.  Only authorized users can view PSI Reports.  Probation conveniently notes the authorized users within the docket text of these entries.