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How do I get listed as counsel of record on a case so I can receive emails?

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If the attorney wishes to participate on a case, receive emails and be listed on the docket, simply filing the initial pleading to open the case will ensure that the attorney is added to the case and will receive emails from that point forward. A second way to add counsel on a case is to file a Notice of Appearance within CM/ECF if the attorney is not listed on the case or if the attorney is appointed after the case has already been active. A third way is to log in to CM/ECF with the attorney’s User Name and Password and file an answer or a motion. The attorney will be prompted within CM/ECF to make the association between the party and the attorney during the filing process. Correctly making this association will ensure that the attorney is listed properly on the docket as counsel of record for that party. This will then ensure that the attorney will receive emails on the case.