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How do I file a Proposed Order or I forgot to attach the Proposed Order?

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Unless otherwise directed by a judge, proposed findings of fact, conclusions of law, jury instructions, and proposed orders shall be filed initially as an attachment to a motion, notice, or other filing. However, the final version of the proposed document in Word format must be emailed to the appropriate judge at the email address listed in the Administrative Procedures. The email subject line and the name of the attachment should include the case number, followed by a short description of the attachment.

If you forgot to attach the proposed order, draft a ‘Notice of Filing Proposed Order.' File the Notice within the Notices category and select Notice (Other). Upload your notice as the Main Document and your proposed order as the Attachment. Be sure to link your Notice to the document it relates to (i.e. Motion, Stipulation, etc.). Please note that the Administrative Procedures on the CM/ECF Resources page has instructions for Proposed Documents. Please visit and refer to these instructions for all future filings.