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Benefits of CM/ECF

With the ability to read and file from anywhere, it’s like having the courthouse at your fingertips. What’s in it for you? Glance through these specific benefits:

What does CM/ECF offer?

CM/ECF will allow attorneys to file and view documents from their office, home or anywhere they have access to the Internet, 24 hours a day. Documents are automatically docketed as part of the filing process and are immediately available electronically. CM/ECF also provides the following benefits:

  • 24-hour access to filed documents over the Internet.
  • Automatic email notice of case activity.
  • The ability to download and print documents directly from the court system.
  • Concurrent access to case files by multiple parties.
  • Secure storage of documents (so files are not misplaced).
  • Potential reduction in courier fees.
  • Registered attorneys can file case documents from their offices or homes right up to the filing deadline, without worrying about postage, messenger services or traffic congestion.
  • Attorneys filing over the Internet automatically create docket entries, and docket sheets are updated immediately.
  • Attorneys can be more responsive to clients due to 24/7 “anywhere” case document access, and clients have 24-hour access, too.
  • An automatic verification, in the form of a “Notice of Electronic Filing,” is sent by e-mail to the filer and case parties immediately after filing.

Attorneys will realize a savings in expenditure of money for postage, paper and courier services. And ECF document storage is automatic and secure, which means reduced paper document storage needs.