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Varnier v. Papillon et al (21-CV-23412-DPG) Posted 07/18/2022

Plaintiff Roy L. Varnier was previously incarcerated at Dade Correctional Institution. While incarcerated at Dade C.I., Plaintiff slipped and fell on a wet floor, breaking his fibula and ankle. Plaintiff alleges that the Chief Health Officer of Dade C.I., Defendant Dr. Franck Papillon, misdiagnosed Plaintiff’s broken bones, refused to provide Plaintiff with a wheelchair, repeatedly denied Plaintiff’s request for more effective pain medication, disregarded the post-operative treatment instructions from the surgeon who eventually operated on Plaintiff, and prematurely removed staples from Plaintiff’s ankle—causing an infection and requiring Plaintiff to undergo another surgery. Plaintiff claims that Defendant was deliberate indifferent to his serious medical needs, in violation of the Eighth Amendment, and seeks compensatory and punitive damages. If interested, please email