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Slayden v. Castro et al (18-CV-62409-RKA) - Updated 03/10/2021

The Plaintiff, a prisoner, sues the Defendants, Deputies Castro and Golden, for the use of excessive force and failure to prevent harm in violation of the Eighth Amendment. The Plaintiff alleges that on August 7, 2018, the Defendants entered his cell and attacked him with pepper spray, pulled him off his bunk, and punched, stomped, kicked, and slapped his head to the ground. The Plaintiff claims that the Defendants, at some point, covered the window of the room. The Defendants then allegedly put the Plaintiff in handcuffs and pulled him out of the room “bloody and bruised.” He claims that the Defendants’ pretext for the assault was that he flooded the room with water; but the Plaintiff maintains that this is a lie. Because of the attack, the Plaintiff suffered a number of injuries: cracked teeth, swollen and bloody eyes, a swollen face, a swollen lip, and back pain. The Court permitted the following claims to proceed against both Defendants: unlawful use of force, failure to prevent harm, punitive damages, and injunctive relief. The Court later denied the Defendants’ motion for summary judgment based on administrative exhaustion, and the case will proceed to trial. If interested, please email