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Davis v. Colon (20-CV-23668-DPG) Posted 01/24/2023

Pro se plaintiff Dionte Jermaine Davis is a state prisoner with the Florida Department of Corrections. He filed this § 1983 action, alleging that Dade County corrections officers sexually assaulted him and used excessive force by spraying him with chemical agents. The Court allowed Plaintiff to proceed with his claims and the case is currently in discovery. Trial is set for July 10, 2023.

There is a pending discovery dispute in this matter. The Court denied Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment [ECF No. 56] as premature and granted more time for discovery because Plaintiff identified a video of the use of force incident that Defendants failed to produce. [ECF No. 70]. Chief United States Magistrate Judge Edwin G. Torres held an evidentiary hearing on the matter and ordered Defendants to produce the video or provide an explanation of why they are unable to do so. Defendants will refile their Motion for Summary Judgment after the resolution of this discovery dispute. If interested, please email

Prisoner Civil Rights Proceedings (1983 Complaint)