Why do I get an invalid login message once I have already logged into the court and I am retrieving a docket or document?

To troubleshoot this problem, first verify that the recommended browser is being used (current versions of Firefox or Internet Explorer work best). You need to also ensure that you PC will accept cookies. A computer cookie is a piece of data which often includes a unique identifier that is sent to your browser from a website you visit, stores as a file on your computer, identifies you as a unique user, and tracks your web usage. The primary purpose of a cookie is to recognize the user and retain their personal preferences when they return to a website. If the problem continues to persist, it is possible that there are too many cookies stored within your PC. This means you need to delete your cookies or “clear your cache.” If you are utilizing Internet Explorer as your browser, select the ‘Tools’ option from the drop-down menu, select ‘Internet Options,’ and then open the ‘General’ tab. In the ‘Browsing History’ area, click the ‘Delete’ button. If you are utilizing Firefox, select ‘Tools’ then ‘Options.’ Select ‘Privacy’ and in the Private Area, click ‘Clear Now.’ In the ‘Clear Private Data’ window, put a check mark for ‘Cookies’ and click ‘Clear Private Data Now’ and then ‘OK.’

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