If I am interested in receiving notification of docketing activities in certain cases, can I register to receive notification for cases of interest?

Once you log in to the CM/ECF system with your court-issued User Name and Password, click on ‘Utilities’ and select ‘Notices for Cases of Interest’ in the Utility drop-down list. Enter the email address to which notices are to be sent and then specify if the notices are individual or summary. Enter the case number and click on the ‘Search and Add’ button. If the case is found, the case number and case title will populate the list box. Repeat this process until all cases of interest are selected. Click the ‘Update’ button to confirm the case(s) selected and the case(s) is saved in the list. Once the list of interested cases is defined, you will receive email notification for any public docket entry made to the case. When you receive the email notification and click the ‘Document(s)’ link, you must be logged into PACER and will be charged for viewing the document(s) according to existing PACER rules.

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