I received the error message “stop:CheckLog.” What does this mean?

The system responds with the following error: Warning: The transaction you submitted has already been accepted and posted by this system. If your original submission contained an error, you must contact the court for further instructions on how to void it. If this submission was inadvertently submitted (clicking on the Next link on the previous page twice), you may find details about your original submission by viewing your transaction log.

Oftentimes this error occurs when the user utilizes the Back button on the browser. The easiest way to avoid receiving this error is to never use the Back button while filing documents in CM/ECF. Once the user is done submitting a particular document, they should just click on the blue menu bar. In addition, sometimes the user realizes that they made a mistake PRIOR to final submission. Again, rather than using the Back button on the internet browser, the user should just click on the blue menu bar and re-start the submission from the beginning.

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