I have checked all my e-mail configuration options within CM/ECF and I am still not receiving my NEF’s (Notices of Electronic Filing). Why am I not receiving my NEF’s?

The Internet IP address for e-mail notifications has changed. If you experience any difficulty in receiving e-mail (Notices of Electronic Filing) from the CM/ECF system, please make sure your ISP, e-mail provider or your IT department has listed the following IP addresses for e-mail delivery.

Gateway Name Address 1 Address 2
Domain Name: *.uscourts.gov

Please pass this information along to the department or organization that handles your e-mail so that access list and spam filters can be updated. This information applies to all United States Courts CM/ECF systems in all districts. Larger e-mail providers (such as Yahoo, AOL and Gmail) have already been notified. If you use one of their services, e-mail delivery should not be affected.

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