How do I log into CM/ECF to view PSI reports and avoid unnecessary PACER fees?

Attention: Do not click on the link in the NEF, until AFTER you are logged into CM/ECF.

First, use your court issued login and password to login to CM/ECF. Why is this required?

BEFORE clicking on the link in the NEF, you MUST log into CM/ECF using your CM/ECF log-in and password (the login/password used to electronically file documents in FLSD).

Your CM/ECF login will verify whether you have access to view the PSI report. Any attempt to view the PSI report before logging into CM/ECF may result in the loss of your “one free look.” For more information on PACER fees, refer to

All attorneys do NOT have access to view PSI reports in CM/ECF. PSI reports are RESTRICTED documents only accessible to select attorneys as determined by Probation.

Second, click on the link sent to the attorney’s PRIMARY email address (not a secondary email address).

You MUST access the link in the NEF sent to the attorney’s PRIMARY email address and NOT a secondary email address used by others to monitor NEFs. The link in the NEF will NOT open if accessed from a secondary email address.

Third, when you click on the PDF document link, the system may ask for your PACER log-in and password, if you have not previously set a Default PACER account to bridge the CM/ECF & PACER Systems.

Only authorized users can view PSI Reports. The system MUST first verify that you are an authorized user which is done when you first log into CM/ECF. Because PACER is the service that actually allows you to view the document, when you click on the document link, it will ask for your PACER log-in and password.

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