How do I file documents bearing multiple signatures?

In the case of a stipulation or other document that needs to be signed by two or more persons, the filer can submit a scanned document containing all necessary signatures. Another option is for the filer to confirm that the content of the document is acceptable to all signatories and then indicate consent of the other parties on the document with their electronic signature (i.e., s/John Doe, s/Jane Doe). The third option is to file the document identifying the parties whose signatures are required and submit a notice of endorsement by the other parties no later than three business days after the filing. Please refer to the Administrative Procedures for a sample form. Keep in mind that, for any of the abovementioned options, the filing party or attorney shall retain the paper copy of the document containing the original signature for a period of one year after final resolution of the action, including final dispostion of all appeals.

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