How do I copy a PDF text file to my word processor?

If a PDF document contains text, as opposed to an image, you can select text and do a normal copy and paste. Using the Acrobat Reader, one can select no more than a page at a time. To copy a large text file in PDF format, it may be easier to use Adobe Acrobat to save the PDF document to a file. (If the Adobe Reader is embedded in Netscape so that it opens up within Netscape instead of a separate window, use the Save Frame option under File. You may also save a PDF document by right-clicking on the link to that document and then clicking on “Save Link As.”). After noting or choosing the directory in which you save the PDF file, open the document in Acrobat. Under “Edit”, there is a menu pick called “Copy To Clipboard”. Once the document is copied to the Windows Clipboard, open your word processing program and paste the document in a new document. You can select, copy and paste text in Acrobat, but you must first select the text tool (look for the T on the toolbar) instead of the hand.

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