Collins v. City of Miami et al. (16-CV-22109-CMA)

Plaintiff filed a civil rights action under 42 U.S.C. section 1983 against a City of Miami police officer (“Defendant”) for use of excessive force and unlawful arrest.  Plaintiff alleges he was at a Publix supermarket purchasing pasta when Defendant verbally attacked and acted malicious towards Plaintiff.  After purchasing the pasta, Plaintiff claims he sat in Publix’s foyer to eat.  Then, Defendant told Plaintiff, in a bullying manner, he could not sit in the foyer.  Thereafter, Plaintiff exited Publix but returned afterwards to buy a beverage. Upon his return to Publix, Plaintiff alleges Defendant arrested him for trespass and took him to a back room where Defendant threw Plaintiff to the floor, pointed a weapon to his head, and turned off the lights.

The case is presently pending after filing of the answer and affirmative defenses by defendant.  If interested, please email

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