Pattern Jury Instructions – DEMO

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Preliminary Instructions
 P-1_ Preliminary Instructions - Criminal Cases
 P-2_ Preliminary Instructions - Anonymous Jury

Basic Instructions
 B-1_ Face Page-Introduction
 B2-1_ Duty to Follow Instructions and the Presumption of Innocence
 B-3_ Definition of Reasonable Doubt
 B-4_ Consideration of Direct and Circumstantial Evidence; Argument of Counsel; Comments by Court

Special Instructions
 S1-1_ Testimony of Accomplice, Informer, or Witness with Immunity
 S2-2_ Testimony of Accomplice or Codefendant with Plea Agreement
 S-3_ Identification Testimony

Offense Instructions
 O1-1_ Forcibly Assaulting a Federal Officer: Without Use of a Deadly Weapon – Felony Offense 18 USC § 111(a)(1)
 O-3_ Presenting or Using a False Claim in a Bankruptcy Proceeding 18 USC § 152(4)
 O-7_ Failure to Pay Child Support 18 USC § 228(a)(3)
 O-19_ Criminal Street Gangs 18 USC § 521