Juror Appreciation Week

Did you know that 95% percent of the world’s jury trials are held here in America?  Juries are one of the ways American society guarantees the rights of citizens on trial.  Your right to a jury trial is like so many other American rights – it comes with responsibility.  We all hope we’ll never need a jury of our peers, but somebody needs one every single day.  We owe it to our fellow Americans to answer that call.

April 24, 2012 Press Release – Juror Appreciation Week

Jury Service Basics – Explains how jurors make decisions that have an impact on individuals’ lives, property, and liberty.

Why is Jury Service so Important? -  Federal judges explain the value of jury service.

An Impartial Jury Podcast Describes how everyday citizens play an important role in guaranteeing constitutional rights.

Supreme Court Video: Justices Discuss Jury Service – Students learn that jury service is an obligation of citizenship that helps fulfill their fellow Americans’ guarantee of trial by jury.