Honorable Alan S. Gold – CM/ECF Procedures


PROPOSED ORDERS: Counsel shall submit a proposed order for all non-dispositive motions in WORDPERFECT FORMAT, via e-mail to gold@flsd.uscourts.gov. This e-mail address is to be used only to submit documents as described herein unless otherwise specifically permitted by the Judge. [In the event WordPerfect is not available, you may submit the proposed order in WORD format] Please note the case number in the subject line of the email and the docket entry number “[DE #]” on the proposed order. The Complete CM/ECF Administrative Procedures are available on the Court’s Website at www.flsd.uscourts.gov

COURTESY COPIES: Notwithstanding the implementation of CM/ECF, all parties shall deliver a courtesy copy to the Intake Section of the Clerk’s Office of all motions and/or motions with attachments EXCEEDING TWENTY-FIVE PAGES. This copy shall be bound and any Attachments and/or Appendices must be indexed with tabs.