Honorable Alan S. Gold – Pro Se Instructions

Pro Se Litigants

Service and Notice of Electronic Filing for Parties Who Are Not Authorized to Electronically Receive Notices of Electronic Filing.

A party who is not a User or is not otherwise authorized to electronically receive Notices of Electronic Filing [NEF]is entitled to a paper copy of any electronically-filed document. It is the responsibility of the filing party to provide the opposing party(s) with the electronically-filed document according to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. When mailing paper copies of documents that have been electronically filed, the filing party must include the Notice of Electronic Filing to provide the recipient with proof of the filing. Service of a Notice of Electronic Filing on a party who is not a User or otherwise authorized to electronically receive Notices of Electronic Filing may be accomplished by e-mail, subject to the additional service requirements of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 6(d) and Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 49(d).

Pro se litigants[persons representing themselves] will not be permitted to register as Users at this time. Pro se litigants must file their documents in the conventional manner. Pro se litigants may access the electronic record at the public counter in the Clerk’s Office in all divisions or through PACER. Pro se litigants will be served and noticed by U.S. mail or in person (or, if agreed, by facsimile or e-mail). Pro se litigants may file a motion with the Court requesting they receive the notices of electronic filings [NEF] by providing the Court with a valid e-mail address.