Honorable Alan S. Gold – Policies & Procedures

General information regarding Judge Gold’s policies and procedures

A.   Emergency Motions/Requests For Emergency Hearing

Because these matters require the immediate attention of the Judge, the attorney must file the original motion and a copy for the Judge in conventional paper format in conventional paper format in the division where the Judge is chambered. Once filed, the Clerk’s Office will contact the Judge’s office and provide a copy of said motion. Counsel should then contact the appropriate staff member in the Judge’s office to determine how the Judge will handle the emergency motion. [For Criminal matters contact Jacob Hasbun, for Civil matters contact Lynn Surowiec]

B.   Contact with Staff

Law Clerks: Judge Gold does not permit counsel to speak with law clerks unless all counsel of record and/or parties of record are on the phone simultaneously.

Judicial Administrator: Lynn M. Surowiec. All matters relating to civil cases, administrative issues and general information regarding Judge Gold’s policies and procedures.

Courtroom Deputy: Jacob M. Hasbun. All matters relating to criminal cases, including jury service with Judge Gold.

Court Reporter: Joseph A. Millikan. Real-Time is available. Please contact Mr. Millikan to make appropriate arrangements prior to trial or proceeding. [305.523.5588]

C.   Information regarding procedures for New Civil Cases

Judge Gold’s preliminary order (Local Rule 16.1) requires the parties to submit proposed dates for pretrial deadlines in the same format as the attachment to said order. The attachment is available in Wordperfect format below. If the parties believe they may benefit from a settlement conference before the Magistrate Judge, the parties may file a request with the Court for a referral to the assigned Magistrate Judge or to Senior Magistrate Judge Peter Palermo.

    D.   Courthouse Closure Policy

    Chief Judge Moreno has announced a new policy to govern the closing of federal courthouses in the case of a weather emergency. The courthouses will follow the local school districts, e.g., if the public schools in Miami-Dade County are closed, the U.S. courthouse in Miami-Dade will also be closed for the same period of time.