Updating Your Information

As per the CM/ECF Administrative Procedures, 3D.: Users shall maintain current contact information (Administrative Order 2005-38). Upon the change of a User’s e-mail address, mailing address, telephone or fax number, the User shall complete the following whenever such a change occurs:

• Electronically file a Notice of Change of Address in all the User’s pending cases;
• Update the User’s email address in CM/ECF Maintain User Account; and
• Update the User’s mailing address, telephone and fax numbers in CM/ECF Maintain User Account. If the system does not allow the User to update the mailing address, the Attorney Admissions Clerk will update the information upon the filing of a Notice of Change of Address in all the User’s pending cases.
• Electronically file a Notice of Removal in all cases in which the attorney is no longer the attorney of record.

Also, parties appearing pro se and counsel appearing pro hac vice must file, in each pending case, a notice of change of mailing address or contact information whenever such a change occurs (Administrative Order 2005-38). If court notices sent via the U.S. mail are returned as undeliverable TWICE in a case, notices will no longer be sent to that party until a current mailing address is provided.

Attorneys who fail to notify the Clerk’s Office of a change of address may not receive hearing notices, trial dates or any other notice generated by the automated system.

ECF Users:

Non-ECF Users:

Electronic filing is mandatory in this District. Please visit our website [www.flsd.uscourts.gov] to register for and complete the mandatory CM/ECF training in order to obtain a CM/ECF login/password. Upon receipt of your login/password, you can then update your contact information.

Notice of Change of Name
Requests for name changes must be made in writing and forwarded to Attorney Admissions. In order for the Clerk’s Office to process a name change request, the request must be accompanied by a copy of the name change order from the Supreme Court of Florida. In the absence of such an order, a name change request will not be processed and a user must continue to file under the name listed on the roll of attorneys of the Bar of the Southern District of Florida. Further, if the Supreme Court of Florida order is not submitted, Attorney Admissions may be unable to verify that a user is listed on the roll of attorneys. (See 3F of the Administrative Procedures)   In order to update the docket on any pending cases, please include a list of pending cases in your request.

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