Available Cases – Volunteer Opportunities and Pro Bono Assistance

Pursuant to recently adopted Administrative Order 2014-14, the Court is revamping its process for obtaining pro bono counsel for pro se litigants. Please check back in the near future for further information. In the meantime, inquiries should be directed to FLSD_ProBono@flsd.uscourts.gov.

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Available Cases:

Lewis v. School Board Broward County (14-CV-61974-Dimitrouleas)

Cummings v. Blank (former) et al (13-CV-22042-Scola)

Crunkleton v. Carnival Corporation (14-CV-21208-JAL) (Guardian Ad Litem Opportunity)

Girroir v. Commissioner of Social Security Administration (14-CV-14302-DMM)

Cigna Life Insurance Company of New York v. The Christina Boyhan Trust et al. (13-CV-80418-KAM)

Charnley v. Town of South Palm Beach, Florida et al (13-CV-81203-Scola)

Sheran v. Bueso 14-CV-22368-Williams (Hague Convention)

Edgerton v. City of Plantation, et al (14-61472-CV-Dimitrouleas)

Stephens v. Broward Sheriff's Office (13-60349-CV-Ungaro)

Klein v. McClung (14-80404-CV-Cohn)

Cummnings v. New England Compounding Center et al (12-81413-CV-Dimitrouleas)

Escalera v. Monroe County Detention Center, et al. (12-10057-CV-Moore)