In the cases styled Friedman v. The Benenson Capital Co., et al., and Solomon v. W.P.R.F., Inc., et al.; Case Nos. 07-80009-Civ-HURLEY and 07-80080-Civ-HURLEY (Consolidated), the Court has entered an Order dated April 27, 2007, directing the Clerk of the District Court to no longer accept any further disputed payments into the Courtís registry except from the named plaintiffs in the above-styled cases. Therefore, effective immediately, the Clerk of the District Court will no longer accept any payments to the registry of the Court in this matter and will return any checks/payments received after this date.

The following information is an excerpt from United States District Judge Daniel T. K. Hurley's Order of April 27, 2007. The full text of Judge Hurley's order is available under the Orders & Opinions section of this web site.

Dear Unit Owner,

Your monies are being returned because the court has determined that your money should not be held in the registry of the court. It is your responsibility to make your recreational rent payments to the appropriate entity. Further, you should be advised that the court has concluded that the arbitration provision in the agreement between United Civic Organization, W.P.R.F., Inc., and Benenson Capital Company is binding. This litigation has been stayed pending arbitration, and hopefully this matter will be resolved through those proceedings. Please direct any further inquiries or concerns to your individual condominium association or to a representative from United Civic Organization.

If you have questions, please call (888)318-2260 (press 3) or (305)523-5696.