Clerk’s Notice of Press Procedures

United States v. Jose Padilla, et al., 04-60001 CR COOKE/BROWN

            Trial in the referenced case is scheduled to begin Monday, April 16, 2007.  To accommodate members of the press, the Clerk’s Office has established an overflow press room on the first floor of the United States Courthouse, 301 North Miami Ave, Miami FL.  The press room is located in the jury assembly room adjacent to the U.S. Marshal’s screening area at the entrance to the building, and it will be reserved solely for press overflow during the trial. 

          An audio feed from the courtroom is available into the overflow press room during the trial days.   The Clerk’s Office will provide basic furniture, phone lines, and internet access in the room to facilitate press members’ work. The pressroom and equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

          Only members of the press with appropriate credentials will be permitted to bring laptop computers into the courthouse consistent with the Court’s Order dated April 9, 2007.  Please note, however, that members of the press will NOT be permitted to access the building with cell phones, cameras, or recording devices.  Landline phones will be available in the overflow room for local and non-toll calls.

          For further information, please contact Clarence Maddox, Court Administrator • Clerk of Court.