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Santos Diaz v. Centurion of Florida, LLC, et al., (19-CV-24067-UU) Updated 11/05/2020

Santos Diaz v. Centurion of Florida, LLC, et al., (19-CV-24067-UU) Updated 11/05/2020


Plaintiff’s Amended Complaint filed under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, has been ordered to proceed against (1) Dr. Delgato, primary care physician; (2) Dr. F. Papillon, chief health officer; (3) L. Re. Molina, P.A., physician’s assistant; (4) Mr. Lafont, pharmacist; (5) Mr. M. Corrales, Assistant Warden; and (6) Mark S. Inch, Secretary, Florida Department of Corrections, in their individual capacities for compensatory and punitive damages. It was also ordered that the case proceed against Centurion of Florida, LLC. Summons has been issued as to all Defendants, service upon Assistant Warden Mario Corrales has been effectuated, and service is pending against all other Defendants.

Mr. Diaz alleges that while incarcerated he received no medical treatment for glaucoma for 5½ months even though doctors had prescribed medication, and he had declared medical emergencies and filed administrative grievances. Plaintiff also alleges that appliances he used because of a physical disability were taken from him upon his arrival at Dade CI, and these appliances were previously prescribed and issued to protect him from injury.

Plaintiff seeks compensatory and punitive damages and declaratory relief given the irreversible damage to the optic nerve in both eyes, the forthcoming removal of his right eye, lost vision, and extreme pain.

Mr. Diaz would benefit from having legal representation during discovery and mediation, and at trial. Please contact Kathryn Harlan, courtroom deputy to U.S. District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro by email (, if you are interested in representing Mr. Diaz.