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Metropolitan Life Insurance Company v. Prewitt et al (18-CV-81402-BB)

Defendant Gilda Rizzi has been made a party to an interpleader action arising from an insurance dispute. Decedent assigned his life insurance policy to Defendant Rizzi. Decedent redesignated some of his benefits to his surviving spouse. After decedent's death Defendant Rizzi filed a claim for life insurance benefits. Decedent's surviving spouse has contested that Defendant Rizzi is the proper beneficiary. The Plaintiff insurance company, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, has filed for interpleader, asserting that it has no stake in this matter and will pay the benefits of the insurance policy to whichever Party is designated by the Court as the beneficiary. The case is in its early stages—Defendant Rizzi has not yet filed an answer to the Complaint. If interested, please email