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McNeely v. Sergeant Salmon (20-CV-23885-CMA) Posted 06/25/2021 - UPDATED 07/14/2021

Plaintiff, Stephen Brent McNeely, has filed a claim under 28 U.S.C. section 1983 against Defendant, Sergeant Salmon, a former employee at South Florida Reception Center, alleging violations of the Eighth Amendment. Specifically, Mr. McNeely alleges Defendant used excessive force by grabbing and twisting Plaintiffs neck until he was on the ground, causing a neck injury and ongoing pain. Plaintiff further alleges Defendant was deliberately indifferent in response to Plaintiffs declared mental health emergency by telling Plaintiff he didn't care if he cut his own throat, resulting in Plaintiff cutting his own throat and needing approximately 40 stitches.

Defendant has answered the complaint, and discovery will begin soon. If interested, please email