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Johnson v. Williams et al (20-CV-80709-RAR) Posted 04/26/2021

Plaintiff, a pretrial detainee, claims his jailor—a Defendant in this action—slammed him “face first” against the wall, among other physical acts and verbal threats.  This Defendant is being sued for his alleged excessive force.  Another Defendant, who is also a jailor, allegedly observed these events and is, therefore, sued for his failure to intervene.  As injuries, Plaintiff says he suffered “swelling and redness,” “severe pain” in his head and neck and endures repeated “nightmares” and continued “mental stress” due to the incident. Both Defendants recently filed their answers and affirmative defenses.  Plaintiff is still in custody.  Presently, Plaintiff requires assistance with the discovery process, the preparation of any dispositive motions or challenges to such motions, and (possibly) trial representation if this case is not resolved via a dispositive motion or settlement.
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