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Dixon v. Hodges et al (15-CV-22910-UU)

The Plaintiff, Mr. Dixon, is seeking a volunteer lawyer to represent him during his upcoming civil rights trial. While incarcerated, Plaintiff filed a pro se 42 U.S.C. § 1983 action against a state correctional officer who allegedly used excessive force against Plaintiff while Plaintiff was an inmate in the Everglades Correctional Institution.

Plaintiff alleges that while discussing with Officer Pollock an issue relating to a fellow inmate, Officer Pollock spontaneously and needlessly beat Plaintiff. Plaintiff claims Officer Pollock stepped on Plaintiff’s right heel and slammed him to the concrete floor, and then kicked Plaintiff in his face and body. Plaintiff alleges that he suffered a number of injuries stemming from this beating, including rib injuries, a concussion, back pain, exacerbation of a pre-existing shoulder injury, partial loss of eyesight, and multiple lacerations and contusions. Plaintiff challenges the correctional institution’s medical treatment and documentation, impacting the evidence of Plaintiff’s injuries. Plaintiff seeks money damages against Officer Pollock.

Plaintiff’s case survived summary judgment and is ready for trial (not yet scheduled). The volunteer representation would entail representing Mr. Dixon at a supplemental deposition and at trial, and the duties in preparation for trial. Please contact Kathryn Harlan, Deputy Clerk to U.S. District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro, by phone at 305-523-5555 or by email (, if you are interested in representing Mr. Dixon.