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David Hadden v. University Accounting Services, et al. (18-CV-81385-Marra) Posted 05/18/2021

The pro se Plaintiff, David Hadden, alleges violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) against University Accounting Services, the loan servicer on a student loan generated at Keiser University, and Transworld Systems Inc., the agency to whom the student loan account was assigned for collection.  He alleges that the Defendants inaccurately reported his student loan account to credit reporting agencies as delinquent when it was in deferment, inaccurately reported the outstanding balances and amount past due on the account, and failed to conduct a reasonable investigation when Hadden disputed the validity of the reported matters with a credit reporting agency (TransUnion).  There is also an issue as to the validity of the debt and authorization for use of e-signatures on underlying loan documents of the original creditor, Richland State Bank. 

Haddens FCRA claims against University Accounting, as the furnisher of information to a credit reporting agency, have withstood summary judgment, as have his FDCPA claims against Transworld Systems, as the debt collection agency with which the account was placed.  His common law claim for gross negligence against Transworld has also withstood summary judgment. [Order dated April 20, 2021- DE 144- Case 18-81385-CIV-MARRA].

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