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Andreus v. Global Resorts Group (19-CV-23993-RNS) Posted 03/10/2020

Plaintiff Nancy Andreus sued Defendant Global Resorts Group, Corp, doing business as El Paraiso Motel, to recover unpaid wages under the FLSA. At a Court ordered mediation, the parties initially reached a settlement agreement. Immediately thereafter, however, El Paraiso sought to set the settlement aside, claiming Andreus had engaged in fraud, by, allegedly, doctoring bank statements which prompted El Paraiso to agree to settle the case. (ECF No. 38.) Based on these same allegations, El Parasio has also filed a motion for sanctions against Andreus. (ECF No. 47.) The Court referred these motions to United States Magistrate Judge Edwin G. Torres who has afforded Andreus until April 6, 2020, to retain substitute counsel and to file responses to El Paraisos motionsregardless of whether she obtains counsel. If interested, please email