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Audio Tape Ordering Instructions

To order an audio tape, complete a Transcript Order form below (Select “Copy of tape”) and return the order form along with payment to the Court Reporter Coordinator, 400 North Miami Avenue, 8th Floor South, Room 8N09, Miami, FL 33128-7716.

The fee for a copy of an audio tape is $30.00 per tape. (Assistant U.S. Attorneys, Deputy Federal Public Defenders, and appointed members of the Federal Indigent Panel are not charged for copies of audio tapes). Note: Electronic Magistrate hearing tapes are available for $30.00 but are not considered official records of the Court.

Payment must be received prior to the order being processed. Payment may be made by cashier’s check, certified bank check, business or corporate check, government issued check, or money order drawn on a major bank or the United States Postal Service made payable to Clerk, US District Court. Personal checks are not accepted. When payment has been received, the duplicate tape will be ready within three (3) working days. You will be notified by the Court Reporter Coordinator’s Office when the tape is ready. Once payment has been received, the order cannot be canceled.

Eleventh Circuit Transcript Order Form