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All Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
1987-23 Order Establishing Special Committee Re: Attorney Reprimands 04/06/1987
2003-1 Certification Of The Clinical Placement Program For Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center 01/03/2003
2018-26 Order of Suspension of Attorney Richard Shant Norsigian Florida Bar 44697 04/09/2018
1995-69 Appointment of New Member to the Court Security Committee for the Southern District Of Florida 12/05/1995
2011-24 Amendment to Administrative Order 2010-96 In Re: Appointment of Committee to Oversee Events Commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month 03/17/2011
1998-63 Replacement of Federal Grand Juries 10/23/1998
2020-3 Order of Suspension of Attorney Jose Angel Toledo Florida Bar 188913 01/13/2020
2014-24 Order of Suspension of Attorney Jason Todd Banks Florida Bar 134309 03/24/2014
1990-19 Use Of Forms And Stamps Bearing Name Of Robert M. March, Clerk 02/27/1990
2006-17 Order Appointing Commissioners for East Everglades Acquisition Project (Effective Immediately and Shall Expire On August 1, 2008 Without Further Order) 07/27/2006
2016-67 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for University of Miami School of Law 11/16/2016
1991-24 Appointment Of Barry S. Seltzer As United States Magistrate Judge At West Palm Beach, Florida 03/18/1991
2010-120 Replacement of Federal Grand Juries 09/23/2010
2022-17 Certification of the Consumer Bankruptcy Clinic of Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center 02/11/2022
1999-26 Appointment of John J. O'Sullivan as Full-Time United States Magistrate Judge at Miami, Florida 04/01/1999
1985-3 Note: There Are Two Administrative Orders Number 85-3; Replacement Federal Grand Jury and On 9/10/85 Plan For Assignment Of Matters By Judge Hoeveler, Nesbitt and Atkins To Magist 01/14/1985
2015-75 Order of Suspension of Attorney Matthew Brennan Cleary III Florida Bar 754501 11/04/2015
2003-94 Electronic Filing In Criminal Cases 09/23/2003
2017-17 Order of Suspension Attorney George L Blutstein Florida Bar 7081 03/17/2017
1993-84 Order of Suspension - Susan Merle Rosen 10/25/1993


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