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Hines v. Wixford Health Source Inc. et al (15-CV-22472-MGC)

Plaintiff alleges that he injured his arm and shoulder while incarcerated, and had surgery that included placing hardware into his arm. Plaintiff further alleges that, after the surgery, he had nerve pain, muscle atrophy, and loss of range of motion. According to Plaintiff, the doctor who performed the surgery told Plaintiff that he would require additional surgery to remove the hardware, and to correct the physical impairment. Plaintiff alleges, however, that while he was at Taylor Correctional Institution, Defendants Balin and Smith ignored recommendations from three (3) other medical personnel that Plaintiff be seen by an orthopedist and receive continued physical therapy. And Plaintiff alleges that he suffered worsening of his condition and injury as a result. The Court has thus concluded that the case should proceed against Defendants Balin and Smith in their individual capacities, on Eighth Amendment theories of deliberate indifference to serious medical needs.
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