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Neal v. Miyares et al (18-CV-20085-MGC)

Plaintiff raises various claims against employees of Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, in Miami, Florida.

Plaintiff claims use of excessive force against Defendant Miyares for assaulted because, apparently, Plaintiff did not sign his paperwork as quickly as Miyares would have liked. Plaintiff alleges Miyares struck him multiple times with a large metal key on his hand, arm, and shoulder while Plaintiff was screaming for Miyares to stop and attempting to defend himself.

Plaintiff raises claims for failure to intervene against Defendants Guerra and Erazo because they stood by watching and failed to take any steps to stop Miyares from assaulting Plaintiff. Plaintiff also alleges Erazo actually encouraged Miyares to go into Plaintiff’s cell after Miyares threatened Plaintiff with physical violence and only told Miyares to stop when he became concerned other inmates were becoming disruptive as a result.

Plaintiff raises a claim against Defendant Brown, a nurse at the prison, for deliberate indifference to serious medical needs, despite his severe pain and visible puncture wounds, Brown did not provide Plaintiff with any medical treatment whatsoever and his wounds became infected as a result. If interested, please email