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Diaz Palencia v. Velasquez Perez (18-CV-80236-RLR)

Petitioner asserts that Respondent has wrongfully removed their minor child from Guatemala to the United States and seeks an order requiring the return of the child to Guatemala pursuant to the Hague Convention and its implementing legislation, the International Child Abduction Remedies Act. Respondent asserts that, because Petitioner has substance abuse issues and has physically harmed both Respondent and the child in the past, there is a grave risk that returning the child to Guatemala would expose him to physical or psychological harm or otherwise place him in an intolerable situation. Respondent is proceeding pro se but would like an attorney to represent her on a pro bono basis. The Court held an evidentiary hearing on April 30, 2018, but has continued the hearing to allow time for an independent forensic evaluation by licensed psychologists and for the receipt of additional records relating to the child's mental health. Respondent speaks Spanish and does not understand English. If interested, please contact Nicole Maass at