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Carlos Alonso v. 245 C&C, LLC, et al., (18-cv-20537-UU)

Mr. Alonso is seeking an attorney to represent him in his suit against his apartment complex and its manager, alleging retaliation under the Fair Housing Act for, among other things, allegedly denying Plaintiff the right to renew his tenancy, threatening to tow his car, denying him reasonable accommodations for his disabled son, and commencing an eviction proceeding in Miami-Dade County Court (case number 2018-000236-CC-21). Plaintiff has also filed with the Florida Commission on Human Rights with reference number N # 201804642. The amended complaint was filed on March 28, 2018. The Defendants have not yet been served, but are due to be served May 28, 2018. The docket is available here. The volunteer representation would entail representing Mr. Alonso at trial (not yet scheduled), and the duties in preparation for trial (pretrial stipulation, motions in limine, etc.). If interested, please contact Kathryn Harlan by email ( or phone (305-523-5555).