What if I don’t want to be listed as counsel of record but I would like to receive emails for a particular case?

If the attorney is not officially listed on the docket but wants to receive emails on the case, they can be listed as a “watcher.” To do this, log in to CM/ECF and click on the ‘Utilities’ feature from the blue menu bar. Select the link ‘Maintain Your Account’ and then click on the ‘Email Information’ button. On the following screen, there is a drop-down menu under ‘Additional Options.’ Once you select the ‘Additional Cases’ option, a new screen will appear and you need to choose ‘Add’ from the drop-down menu under ‘Show.’ Enter the case number in the appropriate field, press the Enter key and, when the case list displays, select the case and click ‘Add to List.’ When you are finished entering all the case numbers, click on ‘Return to Person Information Screen.’ Click on ‘Submit’ then ‘Submit’ again. Please note that the system will show “watchers” as receiving email notices. All “watchers” will show up on the NEF under the section ‘Notice will be electronically mailed to’ and also on the report ‘Email Info for a Case.’ The free look does not apply to any cases that you are “watching.”

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