Job Listings

Only qualified applicants will be considered for all positions listed.
Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or eligible to work in the United States.

Date Posted
Closing Date
Vacancy Number
Status of Recruitment/Date Closed
Miami2014-12-17Open until filled. Applications received by January 5, 2015, in first review.2015-CLK-08Official Court Reporter - ReliefAccepting Applications
Miami2014-12-16Open Until Filled - Applications received by December 29, 2014 in first review2015-CLK-07Operations Clerk - Temporary 1 year 1 day appointmentAccepting Applications
Miami2014-12-10Open Until Filled - Applications received by December 29, 2014 in first review2015-CLK-06Administrative Support I – Temporary 1 year, 1 day appointmentAccepting Applications
West Palm Beach2014-12-10Open Until Filled2015-JDS-01Term Law Clerk to U. S. Magistrate Judge William MatthewmanAccepting Applications
Fort Pierce2014-11-21Open Until Filled - Applications received by December 8, 2014 in first review2015-CLK-04Courtroom Deputy assigned to U.S. District Judge Robin L. RosenbergAccepting Applications
Fort Lauderdale2014-11-04Open Until Filled - Applications received by November 26, 2014 in first review2015-CLK-01Divisional Operations Manager (Northern Divisions Manager)Accepting Applications
Fort Lauderdale2014-10-202014-10-312015-PRB-05Supervisory Probation Clerk (Office Manager)Filled
West Palm Beach2014-10-202014-10-312015-PRB-06Supervisory Probation Clerk (Office Manager)Filled
Southern District of Florida2014-10-102014-10-242015-PRB-04Probation Officer AssistantInterviewing
Southern District of Florida2014-10-06Opened Until Filled2015-PRB-03U.S. Probation Officer (One or more positions)Accepting Applications
Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach2014-09-292014-10-10 - Applications received by October 10, 2014 in first review
Open Until Filled
2014-CLK-18Operations Specialist - Temporary 1 year 1 day appointment 1 or more positions may be filledFilled
West Palm Beach2014-09-032014-09-17, Open until Filled. Applications received by September 17 in first review.2014-CLK-16PC Systems AdministratorFilled
Miami2014-08-27 [Amended 09/09/2014]September 10, 2014, Open until filled. Applications received by September 10, 2014 in first
2014-CLK-15Official Court Reporter – Relief (1 or more positions)Accepting Applications
Key West2014-08-25Open Until Filled2014-PRB-10U.S. Probation Officer (One or more positions)Filled